Reading recently that the LePage administration has been slow to release to the media details of the governor’s expensive travel habit, I found myself wondering just why the governor is so frequently in Washington, D.C.

I understand that Mainers have a vested interest in Washington and should be represented there. According to the U.S. Constitution, at least, isn’t that the job of our members of Congress and U.S. senators?

Not to overlook our congressional representatives, but our senators, Susan Collins and Angus King, are two of the most recognizable power players in Washington, frequently taking center stage on national issues and seemingly respected by political friends and foes alike. They are serious people who are taken seriously in the halls of power.

So, with Maine so ably represented in D.C., just what exactly is Gov. Paul LePage doing down there? If I might venture a guess, I’d say toadying around Trump insiders for a post-governorship gig.

Is it a good and noble use of the Maine taxpayer’s dollars for our governor to spend his (our) time and our money flying back and forth to D.C. and staying at Trump-branded luxury hotels?

Our governor should be at work here in Maine instead of doing the cocktail party circuit in D.C., where he, no doubt, laughs the loudest at all the right jokes, hoping that someone who’s someone will notice how helpful he is and throw him a bone.

Jeremy Smith

Old Orchard Beach