There’s an ongoing investigation regarding Russian collusion in Washington, D.C., right now. But if you’re intrigued by government collusion, you need to look no further than our very own state: Bath, where a large employer and giant war-profiteering corporation basically own our state government.

It’s not a right and title ownership; it’s subtler than that. The lobbyists cozy up to the politicians, provide all the talking points, the outline or more of the desired legislation and the PR to back it up. The politician greases the skids, works the system and accepts the donations to stay in power for another cycle. It’s not working, folks.

If you are wondering what I am talking about, check out the Maine Freedom of Access Act (thank you, First Amendment!) request for the emails between Bath state Rep. Jennifer DeChant and Bath Iron Works attorney Jon Fitzgerald. Bath Iron Works and its corporate overlord, General Dynamics, wrote the proposed $60 million tax break for themselves. You know, jobs, jobs, jobs (like those jobs should only exist to build death machines)! This, after having received many more hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks over the last two decades.

They need it to “stay competitive” – but why are we investing in a company and an idea that needs so many handouts just to stay in business? Bath Iron Works/General Dynamics aren’t playing fair, and our politicians have no morality. We’ve got to untangle this web before it kills us. What’s worst about it is just how commonplace it is, in every corner of the country – this is how business gets done. So rather than look overseas for the collusion that is killing our democracy and killing all of us, too, let’s recognize it in our own backyards!

Dan Marks


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