It is said, “Snowboarders soar on the edge of insanity.”

We are having action packed weeks at the Pyeonchang Olympics in South Korea. We will see spectacular, incredible, dazzling and breathtaking events on the snow peaked mountains and skating rinks.  Great and unbelievable.  Can you imagine the years of training and perseverance behind these athletes? The passion for what they do and the huge support of community and enthusiastic family. They have potential, are young and physically fit, immensely strong, fierce and fabulous. 

These people make us proud of America. Go team U.S.A. It is wonderful for countries to get together, witness different cultures, make new friends, enjoy team atmosphere and shared camaraderie.  At this Olympic ring we only see real, human emotions especially, if they win. The athletes give everything they have. They train their entire life for this chance to fulfill their dream and goals.

Fierce winds are impacting the 2018 Winter Olympics competition causing crashes and wipe outs.

Athletes say the wind has been an extraordinary challenge. Competitors are either falling out or abandoning jumps. Many complained, outdoor sports, especially those on mountains, bring challenging conditions.

How do the athletes do it, flying high up into space twisting and turning? The ice skating was incredible, vivid and beautiful.  

My favorite is the ice skating. Do you remember Sonia Henie?  She was champion ice skater of the world in the forties. We thought she was the greatest! We flocked to her movies. I wonder what she would think of the spirited muscles of these skaters. Sonya ran on her toes and then extended the other straight out. Her musical films and costumes were fabulous. Just entrancing.

Winning a medal was made magical by the hard work. All flags were respected and athletes and coaches models of human decency. It was memorable moment for Nagasee’s U.S. figure skating. She was just dazzling in every way.

I have learned over the years that everyone has a story. Jamie Anderson, America’s Olympic hippie, won snowboarding gold. She has hugged trees before competition. Anderson has always been a true free-spirit thanks largely to her upbringing.  Her mother earned a teaching degree, then decided she would rather instruct her seven children herself. “I wanted them to run free like lambs”.

The mountain serves as Jamie Anderson’s classroom. Before competition she carries bark in her travel bag.  She also sets up an altar in her hotel room and burns crystal, quartz and seed from a Hawaiian temple. 

Although we may not be able to do all the wonderful feats as the Olympians, if you like to dance the Saco Parks and Recreation Department and Saco Age Friendly are sponsoring the 1st Annual Swing into Spring Dinner Dance.  They invite you to join them on Saturday, March 17, 2018 at the Saco Community Center on Franklin St. An evening of music with Saco River Jazz Band, dancing, food and fun from 5 to 9 p.m. Must preregister.  Fee $5.

Register: http:/ info/ activities/program details

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