It won’t quite be beach weather Wednesday, but temperatures could soar into the 60s, breaking a record set at the Portland Jetport 65 years ago.

Chris Legro, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Gray, said the agency is forecasting a high temperature in Portland of 65 degrees. If it does get that high, the mark would break a record of 59 degrees set in 1953.

Legro cautioned that lingering fog and clouds over the Portland area might prevent temperatures from going that high.

“We are forecasting a high of 65 degrees, but there is some risk involved. I wouldn’t bet my house on it,” Legro said.

Inland temperatures may climb even higher than at the coast. Legro said Fryeburg could hit a high of 70 degrees.

Things will begin to cool down on Thursday with forecasters calling for highs in the upper 30s in the Portland area.