Have we had enough yet?

So far in 2018 America is averaging two school shootings per week. A pace that will out-distance any previous year and mark 2018 the deadliest year for school shootings.

For adults no longer in school, being in the workforce is also dangerous. Workplace shooting death statistics continue to rise (OSHA data – on their  list it’s number 9 and climbing).

Is there an end in sight?  Apparently not if left to Congress.  The NRA remains seated on their hands unless it’s time to pass money to some members of Congress and congressional candidates.

If there is to be and end, it will only happen when both Congress and the NRA reach the point when they no longer can collectively wash the blood off their hands nor clean up their dirty money – then maybe there’ll be a solution.

Even a small one would be a huge step.

J. E. Gene Foster