Caucus on March 4? What’s that? Why bother in a nonpresidential year? Good questions.

Every two years, the Democratic Party has business to which it must attend. Honestly, some of it is boring. But if you care who serves in any office, from president to district attorney, about social justice, health care or any issue on the platform, or who Maine sends to the Democratic National Convention, you should be there!

You’ll be electing the people who will make key decisions about important things – in particular, our ability to defeat Donald Trump in 2020. There couldn’t be more at stake.

Please, come and bring three friends. Find out who shares your values and vote for them to serve. It’s one afternoon that will shape your next six years. For more information, contact me at [email protected]. #VictoryStartsHere!

Eli Edgecomb

Cumberland County representative, Maine Democratic State Committee