I am a proud lifelong hunter, shooter and gun collector. I’m an overall gun enthusiast and have been my whole life. I am in the National Rifle Association. I make no apologies for any of this. However, enough is enough.

The horrific, tragic carnage has to stop. Common-sense gun control laws can help save some lives. No one convicted of domestic abuse should ever have a gun. Sales of assault weapons with high-capacity magazines, no matter how much fun they are to shoot and hunt with, should be banned.

There should be “extreme vetting” on background checks. There should be background checks for all sales at gun shows.

This will upset liberals like my wife, but I think the FBI should compile a national database of all dangerous mentally ill people. Professionals who deal with them know who they are and should be compelled to submit the names of those who pose a potential risk to society. Confidentiality must be abridged to achieve this database. This net should be cast wide but obviously will not catch everyone.

The NRA may kick me out, but this is what I think, and I don’t believe that my Second Amendment rights, which I hold as dearly as anyone, will be hurt too much!

Pete Hope