What a wonderful story Peggy Grodinsky wrote (“RIP, red maple: A homeowner wrestles with the decision to take down a beloved, century-old tree,” Feb. 18, Page S1).

The red maple brought with it decades of history, and, in its final years, a sense of familiarity for Source editor Grodinsky. Beautifully constructed, beautifully written, beautifully felt. I can’t thank her enough! It was such a relief from politics and dismal news to feel that caring and connection with the tree she loved that had to come down.

It makes me realize that I need to refocus too on those things that are, as one person once wrote, “found in the interstices” of all the everyday concerns that usually occupy us – finances and facts and obligations of all kinds in our daily rounds.

I’m so glad that the Maine Sunday Telegram often publishes just such human interest – and poetic – stories.

Grace Hinrichs