Another mass shooting, this time at a Florida high school, leaves 17 children dead.

Those of us who don’t own guns are exasperated about why those of you who do own guns aren’t demanding action. I am talking to those of you who claim that you are responsible gun owners. Why aren’t you speaking up? Why aren’t you saying that the NRA doesn’t speak for you? Why aren’t you demanding that there be reasonable gun laws?

Why aren’t you demanding that something, anything, be done to stop – or even just make it harder – for people to buy the kinds of weapons that are used to go into a school, a church, a theater, a nightclub, a concert (and the list goes on and on) and massacre people? Why?

Did you hear the young survivors in Florida? They say that they are not going to let this happen again. They speak for millions of us!

As more and more people are affected by these type of massacres, the demand for changes in gun laws will become deafening! The politicians will start listening or they will be voted out! And if you, responsible gun owners, don’t start speaking out, then you might not like the changes that do happen to the gun laws. This isn’t a threat, it’s reality!

We need you to become involved! I know there can be a compromise that both you and I, and the millions like me, can live with. Let’s work together on stopping this senseless slaughter in our country!

Neva Allen


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