I have noticed that the reaction of my co-workers and friends to the Feb. 22 article titled “Waterville man deported to Haiti, leaving pregnant wife, two sons” (Page B1) is largely one of incredulity at the obvious bias this article shows in favor of Lexius Saint Martin.

While the fluffy descriptions of familial suffering do evoke sympathy, a revealing truth is buried deep in the flowery prose: Mr. Saint Martin trafficked cocaine in the country that sheltered him. He should have been returned to his country of origin then, but was spared because it had an earthquake and could not take him back in. He knew then that he was going to be deported, but spent the next seven years, during which time he impregnated his girlfriend (whom he later married) and lived illegally in the U.S.

I have no sympathy for those who break the law and expect no consequences, and only those filled with rage at the Trump administration would find this a stellar example of a victimized immigrant.

There are many more hardworking and honorable immigrants in this country who deserve our respect, not because they demonize our political opponents, but because of the content of their character.

Chris Allen


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