After reading the Feb. 23 article “Ethics panel won’t investigate Republican official over website” (Page B1), which reported the unethical exploits of Maine Republican Party Executive Director Jason Savage, it is easy to understand why people distrust and have no respect for our politicians and party leaders.

This episode may be small potatoes when compared with the deceit and lack of moral compass we see at the national level, but it should be roundly condemned by all Mainers who believe that political activism is no excuse for unethical behavior. Mainers know what constitutes acceptable political discourse. It is obvious Jason Savage does not.

I am disturbed by the Savage affair, but the last line of the article did give me a reason to smile. Mr. Savage is quoted as having said that he wants to publish a book “on all sorts of ways to restore integrity in state government.”

What does a man with his understanding of ethics have to say about integrity, I wonder? Maybe I can help Mr. Savage with his book. Here’s a suggestion for one way to restore integrity to state government: Keep people like Jason Savage as far away from it as possible.

Rick Gammon


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