I’m writing this on the third day of 13 that I have pledged to fast, along with a large group of peace activists mostly in the Bath-Brunswick area, against a tax give-away many Maine tax payers may be unaware of.  This effects each and every one of us, throughout the state.

General Dynamics Corporation, the owner of BIW, Bath Iron Works, is trying to extort the State, us taxpayers, into giving them a $60 million dollar tax break.

Have you heard of this?

GD Corp is one of the riches corporations on the planet.  They have been buying back their own stock to the tune of billions of dollars (they are awash in money), while having not given Bath BIW workers a raise in four years and decreasing their medical coverage.

On Wall Street there’s a saying: “Boeing makes planes, Lockheed Martin makes missiles, General Dynamic makes money.”

So why is GD blackmailing a poor state like Maine into giving it $60,000,000. of our tax dollars that are so needed for our infrastructure, health and education needs?  Because they think they can?

Common sense says that if GD can’t make it without an additional $60 mil. from Maine taxpayers (after all, it is our federal tax money paying for the ships in the first place), then it’s time for Maine to develop a Plan B; like building high-speed mass transit vehicles, or off-shore wind towers, which our very own University of Maine is developing.

We need to keep those Maine tax dollars for more important needs.  If you agree, call your State Representatives and let them know you want them to Vote No on LD 1781.  Do it Now.  General Dynamics wants this to happen fast, before more taxpayers get wind of it.

To get your Rep.s contacts:  legislature.maine.gov/house/townlist.htm 

Cynthia Howard

Biddeford Pool