If you see something, say something! That’s what “the authorities” would require of us in order to help prevent violence.

I was at the State House for both the public hearing and the second committee work session on the corporate welfare tax scam bill, L.D. 1781, which would give $60 million more of Maine’s meager wealth away to mega-rich WMD corporation General Dynamics, owners of the shipbuilding facility in Bath.

What I saw was the inability and/or unwillingness of Bath Iron Works Vice President Jon Fitzgerald to answer questions about just how wealthy the mega-rich WMD corporation that owns him, or at least owns the business that I assume pays his salary, actually is. (Although Fitzgerald sure did seem to know a lot about BIW’s “competitor” in Mississippi.)

So I saw something.

Now I’m saying something.

And, I’m wondering when Homeland Security will storm the Taxation Committee to help prevent the well-organized violence inherent in stealing from the poor of our state in order to funnel even more money to General Dynamics. (Maybe it’ll go down next Tuesday, when the committee is expected to take up L.D. 1781 for a potential vote.)

Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work? Aren’t well-armed men supposed to protect us? Maybe Homeland Security will even use some of the nukes manufactured by General Dynamics to protect us. Stay tuned.

Jason Rawn


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