I am writing to support the candidacy of Terry Hayes, independent candidate for governor.

I had the pleasure of meeting Terry as she tours the state meeting voters and raising awareness of her policy directions and goals as Maine’s next governor. I deeply respect and admire her pledge to run a “clean” campaign utilizing the Maine Clean Elections fund. She now serves as state treasurer and is the first independent to do so, having been elected twice by Republican and Democratic legislators.

Terry Hayes is committed to civility and a focus on an inclusive process where everyone’s voice is heard. Her approach is based on actively listening and seeking understanding as a means to address problems together and reach common goals.

Given the great partisan divide that Maine and our nation have been experiencing, this would be a welcome change in how government conducts its business in service to all of Maine’s people.

Most importantly right now is Terry’s commitment to getting big money out of politics. By qualifying for Clean Elections funding, Terry would be campaigning for election as a governor who is not beholden to a party or party leaders, special interests or big donors – but only to Maine people.

Cheryl Walker


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