Despite a glaring lack of support and overwhelming opposition, the Scarborough Town Council is poised to gift to a litigious abutter a $1 million piece of town land, complete with 142-year-old public right of way to the beach.

Their spin: Protecting the land could be expensive and “we could lose”; we get an easement and increased tax revenue, so it’s a “win-win.” The reality: We could and should win, the land will be taxed at a small fraction of its value and an easement on private property can be extinguished.

The decision would establish an alarming precedent of abandoning town land that will have a domino effect throughout Scarborough and adjacent communities. The town of Scarborough should be protecting this land at all cost, to the Superior Court level if necessary. To act otherwise would be to surrender valuable public land, public access and open space because of a threat.

John Fox


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