One prophetic episode of the original “Star Trek” has an alien creature who subsists on hatred. The alien plays tricks on each side of rival tribes, here it’s Humans and Klingons, who then, hopefully, suspect each other. Escalating retaliation ensues until it’s full-on war. Yummy.

The special effect to simulate the alien is a whirling orange fireball of hate, spitting off sparks in all directions. Squint your eyes and you’ll see our president.

By dividing us, consciously and deliberately, he maintains his power. Believe that your “side” loves their country, freedoms or children more than the other side does, and we all lose.

We’re all of one tribe, humans, all together on this spaceship Earth. Let our mission be to boldly go toward communication, compromise, cooperation with a little common courtesy.

Lee M. Foster


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