Now that the Maine Senate has passed by a substantial margin LD 1444, “An Act Regarding Large-scale Community Solar Procurement,” I urge Rep. Paul Chace to support this measure when it comes before the House. This bill is critically important to both Maine’s energy future and the health of our state’s people. By rejecting the decision of the Public Utilities Commission to mandate gross metering, where the PUC charges people with solar arrays for the power they produce and consume in their own homes, and increasing the number of participants allowed in community solar projects, this measure will help expand solar generation in Maine.

Not only will LD 1444 result in greater use of solar energy, but it also provides valuable and often overlooked health benefits. By switching from dirty fossil fuels to cleaner sources of energy we can reduce particle pollution and protect the vulnerable portion of our populace: children, the elderly, those suffering from lung diseases such as asthma and COPD, as well as those required to work outside. The health benefits of increasing solar utilization should not be forgotten.

Protecting our health and our air by reducing particle pollution is an important goal, and one that should prompt Rep. Chace to support LD 1444.

Arthur Cerullo

North Yarmouth

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