I have been told that schools in Italy are locked down. Visitors have to be buzzed in after being viewed on a video camera. If the visitor has no legitimate reason to enter, or if they look threatening, they are not allowed in.

This seems to me to be a more sensible way to protect the children instead of arming teachers. It is not the teachers’ job to have to fend off attackers. This process would address a potential problem without teachers and students even becoming aware of a threat. More guns beget more violence and bloodshed, despite National Rifle Association claims to the contrary.

If our schools are allowed to become shooting zones, we will wind up with generations of traumatized children, who will grow into fearful adults. That would have a negative impact on our country. It goes without saying that assault weapons must be banned, but that will be a hard slog. Assault weapons are tools of war and have no place in civil society. Their only objective is to destroy and mutilate their target.

Monitoring visitors from behind locked doors is the way to go. It would be interesting to study the approach of other countries, which have succeeded in protecting their children without incurring bloodshed. I encourage and plead with our leaders to consider this approach. More guns are not the answer.

Nancy A. Ciocca

South Portland

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