The town of Old Orchard Beach has decided to put a Porta Potty trailer in a neighborhood, on private property. Were any of the neighbors notified of this? Were the restaurants and stores in the area notified?

After numerous complaints of people defecating and urinating on the beach dune grass and private property and most of the people go right in the ocean, since this is the only place in the world that charges 50 cents to use a public bathroom, will these be vending machine-type bathrooms?

These types of bathrooms have become popular. Does anyone else in the world use these from June to September? These are typically used for events that last three to four days, not three to four months.

The town manager will select the vendor. Will he be using his knowledge in the field to make his decision?

I wonder why councilor Kenneth Blow voted in favor of this? Maybe the town manager can buy one off of him.

New motto for Old Orchard Beach: “OOB Pay to Pooh and Pee or go in the Ocean Where it’s Free!”

Leon Tsomides

Old Orchard Beach

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