Why is it that the less I use propane energy, the more I am charged per gallon as an individual consumer by my propane suppler? Where does this leave the incentive to conserve on this widely used nonrenewable resource?

What about the lessening of our carbon imprint we are so encouraged to do? No other retailer that I know of gets away with such a price-fixing scam. Whose back pocket did they fill? Even the commodities market (futures guessing game) like stocks, oil and, yes, food have to apply their prices to the whole market, not the individual. I thought price-fixing was illegal and definitely against the free enterprise system.

Come on, lawmakers and regulators, this is not just.

I cook with propane, heat my water with it and use it as a backup to heat my house. Because I wanted to conserve and reduce pollution, we switched to heating with a pellet stove fueled by renewable and locally produced energy. I do not have access to natural gas, and converting to electricity or oil definitely does not conserve or lessen pollution and is rather cost-inefficient, except in the very long term.

Conservative or liberal, it doesn’t matter – this is a scheme against all the principles we share. The Legislature needs to act on this boondoggle ASAP. Let’s play fair here and work on incentives directed toward the consumer and not big business. I’ll bet it would work a lot better.

On top of all of this, I am forced to pay a fee on every bill to train the drivers and handlers on safety procedures, and I have had the same driver for years.

Richard Paine


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