Despite vocal public disapproval, the Falmouth Town Council continues to move forward with the proposed contract zone that would allow David Chase, of Chase Excavating, and Town Councilor Andrea Ferrante and her husband, Matthew, to build 152 units on 52 acres off Mountain Road.

The Town Council and School Board held a joint workshop meeting March 5 to hear about the impact the contract zone will have on school enrollment if it is allowed. The study confirms what common sense suggests: Building 65 new housing units a year will significantly increase the number of students enrolled in Falmouth’s already crowded schools.

For example, based on the enrollment trends and projections, the elementary school enrollment will exceed the elementary school’s capacity in the 2019-20 school year and the middle school will be operating at capacity that same year. Obviously, Falmouth’s award-winning schools will find it difficult to maintain their high standards when they do not have room for the students.

Prior to approving the contract zone, the Town Council must find that it provides, among other things, a “public benefit that would not exist under the current zoning.” This cannot be found. Rather, this plan is a land grab that will benefit a few individuals while putting strain on the town and its current residents.

I encourage all Falmouth residents to voice their opposition to the contract zone at the council’s next meeting: Monday at 7 p.m. at Town Hall.

Amy Robidas