Nineteen months after Maine voters legalized adult-use cannabis, state lawmakers voted this month to override a gubernatorial veto and adopt the licensing and regulatory framework to finally allow commercial cultivation and sales.

What will happen next? What should people who want to apply for a license be doing to prepare? What other employment, business and investment opportunities will become available now that the regulatory door is finally about to swing open?

Doors will open at 4:30 p.m. Port City Music Hall has a full bar.

On the panel


MODERATOR: Penelope Overton, staff reporter



Scott Durst, founder, Durst Security Group

Durst Security Group specializes in cannabis business security in Maine. Scott Durst is a former Maine Drug Enforcement Agency agent.

Thomas Mourmouras, managing partner, Fiscal Therapy Financial

Fiscal Therapy Financial is a marijuana-focused business consulting firm with over 225 clients in the industry here in Maine. Mourmouras specializes in tax, start-up and municipal consulting and is also a frequent presenter at industry seminars and trade shows.

Erik Peters, chief operating officer, GHM Insurance 

Erik Peters is a Freeport-based attorney. GHM Insurance in Waterville has recently launched a division that specializes in risk-management issues from equipment malfunction to grow operation safety in Maine’s cannabis industry.

Jacques Santucci, Principal, Nucleus One,

Jacques Santucci began his career at Ernst &Young and then at Universal Pictures in Paris, France. He has been living in Maine since 1999. Nucleus One is a consulting firm specializing in performance and management in the cannabis industry, from setting up the structure, funding, operations and administration of the business, to overseeing construction and building financing and vendor relationships. Santucci is a co-founder of Wellness Connection of Maine, a medical dispensary with four locations, and the founder of Strimo, an accounting software company specifically for the cannabis industry.