Why is Sen. Susan Collins still a member of the Republican Party, a party and president who care more about winning elections than about the security of our democracy?

In spite of overwhelming consensus by our intelligence agencies that the Russians intervened in our last elections, they do nothing.

In spite of the overwhelming approval of additional Russian sanctions (which President Trump refuses to implement), they do nothing.

As more and more information becomes available concerning the ethical conflicts between the Trump family’s business ties and their responsibilities to America, they do nothing.

As the Trump administration rapes and pillages the environment, protections for the public and individuals, our public education system, our safety nets, our immigration system, all aspects of our international relationships, renewable energy, etc., they do nothing.

In spite of courts’ rulings against the gerrymandering of congressional districts so that Republicans get representation way out of proportion to their number of supporters, they continue to do that.

In spite of courts’ rulings against their attempts to hinder voting by people they don’t like, they continue to do that.

To the extent that the Russians will help Republicans win more elections, bring it on. And don’t get me going about their support for alleged sexual harassers (Trump) and child molesters (Roy Moore).

And, all along, Sen. Collins continues to support this nasty group of people who are more concerned with power and protecting their privilege than with democracy. Is winning elections so important to Sen. Collins that she has sold her soul? Time for Sen. Collins to join Sen. Angus King and the growing group of independents.

Bill Dunn


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