A simple question: Are the people of Maine happy with the never-ending price increases and nickle-and-diming of services that Spectrum (formerly TimeWarner) has rolled into our state?

Look closely at your bill. Do you notice the “sports programming” surcharge of $2.70? The “broadcast TV” surcharge of $8.85? Look at the numerous taxes we pay, like the Maine service provider levy ($5.37) and franchise fee ($2.79), and suddenly your bill is headed above the $150-a-month rate – and that’s without any of the so-called premium channels like HBO, etc.

I remember when cable first arrived and cable companies wooed towns and consumers with low rates, quality broadcasting and fewer commercials. Who exactly is now overseeing cable providers, ensuring that consumers aren’t being gouged while the companies roll in the dough?

Right now, I see no oversight and a company with carte blanche for increasing charges.

Pamela Smith

North Yarmouth

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