Each morning I open my newspaper with fear and trepidation over what might have happened overnight, from preventable opioid overdoses, to tragic stories of child abuse and the deaths of children who fell through the cracks of a broken system.

I encounter former students underemployed in service jobs or parents who sadly tell me their sons and daughters moved away because of the lack of good-paying jobs in Maine. I hear about the desire for offshore drilling, which would ruin the beauty and health of our coastline. I see seniors who worked hard all their lives but can barely afford to live at home. I read about gun violence and the inability to create safe regulation of firearms. I am deeply saddened that immigrants live in constant fear of deportation and discrimination.

And I say, “No more!” It’s time to end this madness and do the heavy lifting of restoring sound, sensible policies that create a vibrant, functioning state that offers our friends, neighbors and children quality education, good jobs and the peace of mind of knowing they are protected from senseless violence.

For these and many other reasons, I am declaring my candidacy for state representative for House District 9, covering Kennebunk Lower Village, all of Kennebunkport and part of Biddeford. Together we can all build a better Maine!

Diane M. Denk

Democratic candidate, Maine House District 9