If March 14, 2018, will be remembered for one thing, it will be as the day a generation decided enough was enough. It is the day when we have all decided to stop being passive in the narrative of our shared nation, and have taken action to change its future.

Today is the day that my classmates and I have spent marching, speaking and writing letters against the gun control laws in this country that force us to live in fear of the next attack. This is the day when we have decided that we no longer want to fear turning on the television every day, knowing that it is inevitable that what we have seen happen countless times will happen again. Today is a day of action.

And to those who oppose us and our message, be you a politician or National Rifle Association member, I offer you this warning: Today will not be remembered as the date of a walkout or a rally, but as only the beginning of a movement. A movement that will no longer stand for inaction while we are endangered within our own schools. A movement that will no longer stand for politicians to be paid off by lobbyists, and to vote against the interests of their own constituents. A movement with one unified message: Either get with us, or get out of our way.

Liam Grogan

student, Freeport High School