I am writing to you today to share my thoughts about why I am supporting Democrat Adam Cote for governor of Maine.

I heard about Adam when he announced his candidacy. I signed up for his campaign mailing list and was intrigued and heartened by his message: Specifically, his message of inclusiveness and his commitment to making Maine a place where all are welcome and valued resonates deeply with me.

After listening to his responses at a candidate forum, I decided that he was a candidate who not only shared my values, but also a person I could see connecting with anyone who was willing to listen. I believe that he’s someone who has the ability to bring us all together and we desperately need this.

Adam Cote has the vision for Maine that we need in order to grow and attract people to our state, as well as the leadership skills to accomplish this.

For these reasons, I chose to volunteer for his campaign and support his bid for office. I wanted to be a part of positive change, and he’s someone that I can support with conviction and enthusiasm.

Beth Somers


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