On March 14, we once again witnessed the indoctrination of the students in this country.

Around 3,000 schools nationwide participated in this highly organized “student protest.” Many of the “protesting” students were encouraged and cheered by school administrators and teachers.

Chicago, Illinois, the hometown of community organizer Barack Obama, went against its policy of not advancing political agendas. In that city, student “protesters” were provided with mentors. Arne Duncan, former U.S. secretary of education, led the way there while at the same time claiming that he was there to just stand by and watch. Mr. Duncan had recently helped organize a visit by Chicago students to Parkland, Florida, no doubt, to recruit and organize for his cause for disruption.

The Women’s March Youth Empower group was instrumental in organizing this display as well. The students were not in control. The students did what students of today do best: They simply followed the crowd while some of those angry, clueless children read the propaganda fed to them by the organizers.

Shame on the complicit parents, school administrators, teachers and the National Education Association for encouraging this segment of the protest culture.

Jones Gallagher

North Berwick

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