SPHS Jazz Bands awarded festival honors 

South Portland High School’s jazz combos and ensembles garnered several awards at the Maine High School Instrumental Jazz Festival. Hosted by Nokomis High School on March 16 and 17, the event brought schools from across the state to a two-day festival of music and competition.

Competing in small combos and large ensembles, students were adjudicated by professional jazz musicians and educators. Under an adjudicated system, which awards gold (95 or above), silver (90-94) and bronze (85-89) medals to bands for achieving appropriate scores, the first day of performances saw both the South Portland High School Jazz Band II and Combo B, under the direction of Craig Skeffington, awarded silver medals. Receiving an Outstanding Musicianship Award for Jazz Band II was Eric George on piano, and receiving the Dale Huff Outstanding Musicianship Award for Combo B on trumpet was Sam Withers. Earlier in the day, Combo A was awarded a gold medal and honored Thomas Costin with an Outstanding Musicianship award on piano.

Living up to stellar jazz performances in the past, the SPHS Jazz Ensemble was awarded a gold medal for their performance and two musicianship awards on the second day of the festival. Recognized for an Outstanding Musicianship Award on trombone was Max Saffer-Meng and awarded the Dale Huff Outstanding Musicianship Award on piano was Thomas Costin.

SMCC open house at S.P. campus

Southern Maine Community College is holding an open house this spring at its South Portland Campus for prospective and accepted students, families and anyone with an interest in SMCC.

The open house will be held 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, April 7, at 2 Fort Road. Visitors are invited to learn about academic programs and financial aid, meet faculty and tour our ocean-side campus. For more information and to register, see www.smccme.edu/openhouse.

South Portland High School Honor Roll

The following students at South Portland High School demonstrated academic excellence and earned a place on the honor roll:

Grade 12 High Honors Quarter 1

Lilliana Brandao, Tyler Hansen, Grace Hartley, Jenna Miller, Max Rooker, Daniel Souza, Owen Sullivan, Jack Vose-Gimbel, Alexis Watson, Sarah Weden

Grade 12 Honors Quarter 1

Sara Axelrod, Carter Barthelman, Sarah Boles, Carolyn Breau, April Brown, Rosalie Bryson, Vivianne Bui, Emma Campbell, Sophie Chase, Jared Church, Margaret Clay, Colby Conway, Thomas Costin, Charles Cronin, Henry Cyr, Abigail Darling, Taylor Davis, Zachary Dyer, Riley Ellis, Lauren Elsemore, Paige Fleming, Elizabeth Foster, Ava Galarraga, Cameron Goldberg, Meghan Graff, Lyndsey Green, Rachel Haynes, Tanner Hogan, Hannah Hutchins, Joshua Hyssong, Abigail Joy, Maeve Kelley, Liberty Kenison Conley, Olivia Kierstead, Griffin Kimball, Brandon Kotsimpulos, Douce-Kelly Kundimana, Bonge Lako, Andrew Leblanc, Cora Loring, Cameron Lusardi, Viktor Maksimov, Patrick Martin, Eva Mazur, Kristina McCarthy, Noah McHugh, Daniel Mickiewicz, Sergej Mojsilovic, Angela Moline, Connor Mullen, Shannon Murphy, Kaylee Neat, Everett Nye, Amelia Pappalardo, Urja Patel, Jesse Pearlman, Madison Plummer, Jacob Poole, Glen Ratliff, Masarah Saadoon, Andreas Sandoval, Aidan Schifano, Amelia Scofield, Sean Scott, Juliana Selser, Alyssa Slobodzian, Jiwana Soleimani, Alexandra Sorescu, Julia Swim, Morgan Tattan, Andrea Trieu, Elizabeth VonSeggern, Kennedy Walsh, Lionel Whitehead, Megan Whynot, Tianna Wilcox

Grade 12 High Honors Quarter 2

Sara Axelrod, Carolyn Breau, Sophie Chase, Thomas Costin, Zachary Dyer, Tyler Hansen, Grace Hartley, Jenna Miller, Daniel Souza, Jack Vose-Gimbel, Alexis Watson, Sarah Weden

Grade 12 Honors Quarter 2

David Albert, Carter Barthelman, Lilliana Brandao, Rosalie Bryson, Jared Church, Colby Conway, Madison Cyr, Christopher Daniels, Abigail Darling, Taylor Davis, Riley Ellis, Zoran Filipovic, Paige Fleming, Ava Galarraga, Cameron Goldberg, Lyndsey Green, Samuel Healey, Joshua Hyssong, Aidan Jellison Wall, Maeve Kelley, Brandon Kotsimpulos, Douce-Kelly Kundimana, Bonge Lako, Andrew Leblanc, Cameron Lusardi, Daniel Mickiewicz, Sergej Mojsilovic, Angela Moline, Connor Mullen, Jack Napolitano, Kaylee Neat, Tuyen Nguyen, Urja Patel, Madison Plummer, Jacob Poole, Ryan Porter, Max Rooker, Andreas Sandoval, Amelia Scofield, Drew Sellick, Juliana Selser, Alyssa Slobodzian, Alexandra Sorescu, Brooke Sowerby, Owen Sullivan, Julia Swim, Andrea Trieu, Elizabeth VonSeggern, Lionel Whitehead

Grade 11 Top Scholars Semester 1

Phoebe Allen, Vanessa Bodman, Ian Brassard, Ian Farm, Michael Feely, Nicholas Green, Alexandria Rowell, Max Saffer-Meng

Grade 11 Scholars Semester 1

Tabarek Al Abboodi, Fabian Anzures-Flores, Sydney Beecher, Janessa Breton, Kiley Callow, Natalie Cliff, Britni Cole, Rowan Connolly, Logan Doucette, James Dufitimana, Kaleb Sinclair Facteau, Brenna Fassett, Joshua Frank, Maxwell Gailey, Benjamin Gaudreau, Thomas Guignard, Margaret Herrick, Dylan Houle, Jena Leckie, Dilyse Lorello, Aaron Matthews, Bailey McDermott, Rachel Morin, Eileen Porterfield, Sydney Sherburne, Grace Steady, Gracie Treadwell, Abby Trieu, Andrew Velez, Sophia Venditti, Chaomei Wang, Quinn Watson, Dana Watts

Grade 10 Top Scholars Semester 1

Iman Al Hashimi, Grace Caselden, Thomas DiPhilippo, Jacob Dresser, Emily Dyer, Anna Folley, Eric George, Jackeline Majano-Alvarez, Amelia McNeil-Maddox, Chelsea Blake Morin, Emily Peng, Madison Strout

Grade 10 Scholars Semester 1

Bryanna Alley, Kyla Ball, Corrinne Bevans, Sophie Bourget, Robert Bruce, Aileen Campbell, Isabelle Chase, Hayley Clark, Eliot Cronin, Vy Yen Diep, Maya Ellington, Mackenzie Farnham, Mia Filieo, Aiden Flechtner, Emily Freese, Lydia Grant, Zachary Greely, Ella Jayne Hyland, Keenan Jones, Tobias Laber-Smith, Emily Leeman, Laura Lefebvre, Andrew Lewis, Liam McGibbon, Lyla Metcalf, Anthony Perron, Anthony Poole, Gerard Pothier, Amelia Quint-Wood, Emily Rich, Andrew Riley, Brenden Robinson, Faith Victoria Sacre, Annika Schmitt, Kelsey Shallow, Amelia Smith, Oscar Sullivan, Benjamin Teague, Kaleisha Towle, Caleb Viola, Dylan West, Margaret Whitmore, Molly Woodhouse

Grade 9 Top Scholars Semester 1

Iman Adem, Maha Mohamed Ali, Addison Bracken, Marina Brandao, Mary Conley, Jacob Costin, Noah Dreifus, Henry Falatko, Chloe Grant , Avery Hamor, Lucy Hartley, Rachel Kingsley, Jacob Kulig, Digby Roberts, Wylie Roberts, Rosalie Saffer-Meng, Julia Steady, Elizabeth Stone-Grannell, Phoebe Sykes

Grade 9 Scholars Semester 1

Lauren Allen, Gloria Anzures, Lucie Beaulieu, Alex Beecher, Chloe Blanchette, Cora Boothby-Akilo, Damir Brkic, Liam Brown, Shamus Cole, Kathleen Conley, Julia Connors, Emma Crozier, Emma Darling, Kristen Deiley, Madison Demetros, Katie Doan, Laney Filieo, Traci Francis, Delilah Fredrick, Jennifer Gross, Alexandra Hanlon, Iseyik Harper, Emily Hyssong, Simona Annicha Ickia Ngaullo, Valentina Jacoby-Roberts, Leah James, Amani Mosely, Mason Mullen, Maegan Murphy, Gabrielle Pellerin, Carson Porter, Kyle Rand, Edmund Daniel Jeanne Reddy, Sophie Routhier, Abigail Savage, Evelyn, Selser, Sophia Singh, Fiona Stawarz, Isabel Stocks, Gavin Tarling, Nicholas Tolan, Kathryn VonSeggern, Zouhal Wardag, Nicholas Weatherbie, Isac Wheaton-Connors, Colby Wyman, Kotoha Yamada, Amy Zarate