So far, President Trump’s approach to “draining the swamp” in Washington has instead created a toxic atmosphere of even more distrust and disillusionment.

One can criticize President Barack Obama’s tenure for whatever one’s gripes might be, but he brought to the office relative stability and civility. With President Trump’s Cabinet members, appointees, advisers, attorneys and support staff going in and out of his revolving door, one can’t help but wonder: Just what is his plan?

It’s like “The Apprentice” has evolved into a spinoff of how he believes our democracy should be run like a business. “You’re fired” has morphed into “Leave, resign or do not question me if you want to be on my team.” Public servants are supposed to look out for the welfare of all citizens and our country as a whole; businessfolk look out for the financial gain of their investors.

Our democracy is not a business. Nondisclosure, confidentiality and loyalty agreements, understaffed or ignored government agencies and positions, frequent miscommunications and damage control, way too much nationalism, and day-to-day tweets (that most Americans wish would stop) are but part of the puzzle of what’s causing most Americans to worry about tomorrow and our true lack of leadership in our nation’s capital.

Our allies are equally puzzled; our enemies are fist bumping. As individuals, we have to work to keep our potential alive and how this country is not about one, but about many … and that is our strength.

Peter Anderson

Peaks Island