The Knox County Sheriff’s Office thinks it knows who’s behind a recent spate of gunshots fired at residences that has left some people rattled in the midcoast.

Chief Deputy Timothy K. Carroll said in a statement over the weekend that an investigation has helped authorities identify the individuals involved in the random shots fired at homes in three towns. They had not been charged as of Sunday night.

“The individuals involved have been identified by law enforcement and we feel these were isolated incidents and the public should feel safer with the information we have obtained,” Carroll said. “Names will be released at the appropriate time, but until then, trust that we feel confident that no one is in particular further danger related to these complaints.”

According to Carroll, shots were fired at homes in Friendship, Cushing and Waldoboro during the early hours of March 15.

Investigators from Waldoboro police, the Maine Warden Service, and the sheriff’s office have spent the past several days collecting information and evidence.

“The multiple agencies’ investigation obtained crucial evidence and leads as to the identities of the suspects,” Carroll said.

Carroll said that firearms and evidence were seized on Friday, but the names of those allegedly involved are being withheld pending review by the Knox County District Attorney’s Office.

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