As I joined thousands of other Mainers in Portland on Saturday demanding serious gun control actions by our elected officials, I lamented that I did not create and display a sign asking one simple question: “Where is Susan Collins on this issue?”

Here is the historical answer, provided by National Public Radio in an in-depth analysis after the Florida school shooting: Since Mainers sent her to Washington, according to the Feb. 19 NPR report, Sen. Collins has voted on seven serious efforts to tighten gun laws. Of those seven votes, Sen. Collins has sided with loosening gun restrictions or against measures adding restrictions six out of seven times, including against measures to close the gun show loophole (1999), to expand background checks (2016) and to bar people on terrorist watch lists from buying guns (2016).

As Mainers demand action from their senators, we should now, publicly, ask Sen. Collins if she is willing to sponsor and lead efforts to ban assault weapons and create effective background checks. Her proudly proclaimed “moderate” posture can then be put to the test, for all Mainers to see and judge.

Ron Kreisman


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