Bath Iron Works is part of a very competitive industry, much more competitive than it was in years past.

We’re doing what we can to work smarter and become more efficient. We have a young workforce that is getting more talented and experienced with each passing month. We are investing more than $100 million in the latest technology to help our employees work better and safer.

But it’s an uphill battle. Our competitor for DDG-51s has some big advantages: lower energy costs, much more state support and several Navy shipbuilding programs to spread their costs over. Both shipyards have to meet the same Navy requirements so when we compete, we compete on price.

In a multiyear competition, we may win five or six ships, or we may get fewer. Each one we win is a win for Maine, with far more recouped in taxes than the state is being asked to spend.

Over 15 years, the shipbuilding facility tax credit (L.D. 1781) will help pay for upward of $200 million in investments in modernization and efficiency at the shipyard. That gives BIW a fighting chance to win more work.

It’s a good investment by the state of Maine.

Brandon Glazier


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