All flat-black semi-automatic weapons need to be painted bright pink. If these weapons were painted pink, it might change the role-playing compulsive use of these weapons.

Background checks, age restrictions, magazine capacity and mental health restrictions are all good ideas. However, painting semi-automatics pink would take the estimated 15 million semi-automatic weapons already circulating in our society and change how they are perceived.

No one would confiscate these pink weapons, restrict access to them or infringe on anyone’s Second Amendment “rights.”

Painting could be implemented by regulation. Just as hunter safety vests are orange and taillights are red, pink weapons could be mandated as a public safety issue.

For the price of a can of Rustoleum and a roll of blue tape, the pink weapon is born.

If you violate the regulation, the penalty for the first offense would be a $1,500 fine OR surrender of the weapon. For the second offense, the penalty would be a $1,500 fine AND surrender of the weapon.

This is an easy solution to defend even to the most ardent gun owners. No “rights” are being infringed. They still work as intended. No criminal charges for owning a noncompliant weapon. No members of Congress will have to vote against the National Rifle Association.

Michael Glenn