Re: “Ignoring Constitution on gun rights would open door to loss of other rights” (March 28):

Before state Sen. Eric Brakey calls himself “a relentless defender of our Second Amendment,” maybe he should actually read the Second Amendment. The first words are “a well-regulated militia being essential to the security of a free state … .”

These are the words that we want enforced: well-regulated guns. These are the words we believe strongly: Regulation of guns is essential to the security of a free state. Because none of us has any security when anyone can buy a gun; when background checks have loopholes you could drive a truck through; when gun owners don’t need to prove they know which end of a gun is which. None of us has security when an angry man can easily buy several assault weapons, stockpile ammunition and slaughter innocent people.

Let’s follow the Constitution and the intent of the Founding Fathers and make sure guns are well-regulated.

Sigrid Olson

Cape Elizabeth