I live in Lewiston. My partner and I struggle. I am awaiting disability. We are behind in rent and constantly face eviction month to month.

General Assistance won’t pay my portion of the rent because they consider us a couple despite not being married. They won’t help pay for medications. I pick and choose the medications I can afford to take.

I have been denied MaineCare disability despite awaiting Social Security Disability Insurance.

I personally have been homeless on three different occasions since 2013.

I find it extremely unfair that, while we struggle, the refugees show up and can get housing, General Assistance, food stamps, MaineCare and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

This isn’t about race – it’s a matter of fairness.

While I was homeless, in 2015 in Portland, I did not see one homeless refugee, but there were homeless veterans. Please tell me: Where are our priorities?

Michael Tetreault