Megan Doyle wrote a truly insightful article.about Maine gun owners (March 18).

Let’s stop blaming them for owning a gun. But do some act in lockstep with the National Rifle Association? Let’s applaud the NRA’s effort in educational and training programs. But shouldn’t the NRA’s other positions be carefully evaluated?

These are my questions to Maine’s gun owners.

Do you agree, with former President Ronald Reagan, that there’s a right to have guns “for sporting, for hunting … or for home defense,” but military-style assault weapons should be banned?

Do you believe the Second Amendment is not unlimited? The NRA attempted to lift the ban on machine guns, but in 1991, the Supreme Court let the ban stand. Some states have banned military-style assault weapons.

Do you support background checks?

Do you support comprehensive gun control in America if there’s no impingement on the Second Amendment?

Should Congress end the ban on lawsuits against gunmakers?

Do you support the U.S. armed services and our U.S. Constitution? Some believe assault weapons are needed to protect and act against an out-of-control government. Reminder: Every insurrection from the Founding Fathers’ day has been put down by members of the U.S. armed services, who are required by their oath to protect the government of we, the people, through the U.S. Constitution.

If your answer is “yes” to some of the questions, maybe you have more in common than you think with those kids in Parkland and the nationwide marchers..

May Mainers and all Americans come together as never before so “never again” can truly be “NEVER again”!

Joe Pickering Jr.