I own Arabica Coffee in Portland. My family and I rely on the Affordable Care Act to get our health insurance, as do thousands of other Maine small-business owners. On this eighth anniversary of the ACA, our leaders should be applauding, not gutting, this life-saving law. 

After Rep. Bruce Poliquin voted to repeal the ACA, it was clear to me that he cares more about his big corporate donors than about Maine communities. But I had higher hopes for Sen. Susan Collins. I was very upset when both voted for Trump’s tax break for the wealthy, which undercut the ACA by repealing the individual mandate and slashed funds for Medicare and other health programs. This law gives a huge tax break to the wealthiest individuals and corporations and pays for it by cutting the health care of people like me.

That’s not how I expect Maine’s representatives to Congress to vote.

Cathy Walsh