Well, there goes Edgar Allen Beem again, blaming everything wrong in this world on President Trump. The reality is, Trump Derangement Syndrome has taken hold, and Beem should see a doctor and get that treated. The lamestream media has taken the collective psyche of the country down, first by selling Americans a crap sandwich named Obama in 2008, and then convincing a lot of Americans that it tasted good in 2012. That gave us the lost decade (no economic growth, loss of good manufacturing jobs, crime and strife and racial division).

The reality is that for the last 18 months the lamestream media has been relentlessly telling Americans, and the world, that the sky is falling. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. And pundits like Beem have contributed, in full Derangement Syndrome hysteria. Yet the reality is, the lost decade is over. The sky is not falling, the sun still shines, manufacturing jobs are coming back, unemployment is at record lows, optimism in the real world is up. The only thing driving the Well-Being Index down is downers like Beem.

Barry Stephens