The current Cumberland County district attorney has held that position since 1991. Because she is not seeking another term, we now have the opportunity for real change.

In this June’s Democratic primary, I hope you will join me in voting for Seth Levy for district attorney. He has the experience, quick intelligence and compassion needed for true criminal justice reform. As a public school teacher, I am impressed and inspired by his record and his goals.

Levy will address the need for treatment alternatives for offenders with mental health issues and substance use disorders, expand restorative justice to increase victim satisfaction and offender accountability and work to keep kids out of Long Creek correctional facility. Currently, 77 percent of our youth incarcerated there are in for misdemeanors and low-risk offenses. This comes at a great cost to each of these young people and costs us $250,000 per child for each year there. This has to change.

Levy’s focus includes advocating for localized alternatives to incarceration for children, reducing the use of cash bail for low-risk offenders and tackling underprosecuted serious crime, particularly sexual assault.

Cumberland County needs progressive criminal justice reform. Seth Levy has the vision and voice we need to make this a reality.

Charlotte Agell