Thanks to Drs. Edward Pontius and Nicholas Bartenhagen (“Letter to the editor: Negative effects of climate change will worsen unless we act now,” March 30) for alerting us to some of the threats to Mainers of climate change. But they only offer carbon fee and dividend as a possible solution. This is a program requiring massive government legislation and would take many years to implement, years that we don’t have, if my understanding of the science is correct.

But there is a better possible solution that does not require any government actions, nor does it involve corporate investments. And it has immediate impacts on lowering the carbon dioxide and methane gases going into the atmosphere from our highly industrial society. Not only does it have those distinct advantages over any other possible solutions, but it has very favorable benefits for our health. Who could ask for more?

Researchers have found that animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gas release than all forms of transportation combined. Additionally, it contributes to piles of wastes, water contamination and inefficiency in our grain and soy usage.

Think of all the fuel burned to till the millions of acres of soil, including Maine lands, for growing the corn and soybeans that are fed to the animals that we eat. And then there is the burning of coal, oil and natural gas for manufacturing fertilizers and herbicides, sowing corn and soy seeds, harvesting crops, shipping them to stockyards and animal-growing locations, and producing the electricity to cool and cook the meat.

If every one of us stops eating cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys and lambs, and instead focuses on eating fruits, veggies, grains, beans, nuts and seeds, then we just might reach the tipping point of halting the climate crisis that is upon us and that threatens all life on the planet in the near future.

Len Frenkel

South Portland