This year we have a wide range of highly qualified and capable candidates running for governor, but one stands above the crowd: Democrat Mark Eves.

Mark is a proven leader who has clearly shown the ability to find solutions to the state’s problems. His work for eight years in the House of Representatives, four of those years as speaker of the House, is a testament to his abilities. He brought Republicans and Democrats together, passed budgets and found solutions that were needed for the well-being of our wonderful state. He knows how government works, how important it is to negotiate and also when to hold the line. At a time when our state and country are deeply divided, Mark is the leader we need.

Mark’s character, values and training make him a person who listens to everyone, is respectful yet also pushes people toward productive compromise, finding solutions that often seem impossible. As a fellow legislator, I saw him time and again sit down with the Republican and Democratic leaders of the Senate and bring back agreements that our House leaders and members on both sides of the aisle could live with. He found solutions.

Mark has a strong moral compass. He holds true to the values we hold dear in our state. During this time of dissension locally and nationally, Mark will be the perfect governor to bring our state back to civil discourse, find compromise and provide much-needed leadership that will help rebuild our economy, improve the lives of our workers and provide help for our neediest people.

I hope you will join me in supporting Mark Eves for governor.

Joan Welsh

former Democratic state representative,

House District 94 (2008-2016)