The Sinclair Broadcast Group, which is the owner of WGME-TV in Portland, has reportedly been increasingly seeking to forward its particular political agenda by such tactics as embedding its biased news content into local news programming, providing scripts for local newscasters that seek to discredit other news outlets and compelling their stations to air transparently obvious commentary.

Since WGME began airing the clearly biased “Behind the Headlines” segment during their newscast, I have discontinued watching that local news source. Sinclair is the largest TV broadcaster in the U.S. and is currently seeking to own more stations.

Ironically, the local affiliate has begun running news promos holding itself out to be a source of “the facts.” Unlike stations that do not try to hide their bias, Sinclair appears be taking to insidious tactics, using the appearance of typical newscasts. If that is so, the general public will hopefully catch on and chose alternate news sources if they are not interested in being subjected to biased news. This is a sad direction for a longtime news source in the Portland area.

Jeff Christiansen