To my horror, the Trump administration and the Environmental Protection Agency under Administrator Scott Pruitt are expected to roll back the Obama-era Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards, which were developed to lessen the impact of climate change and reduce our country’s dependence on fossil fuels.

I strongly disagree with this change. People who are in favor of doing something to reduce the challenge of climate change should let their members of Congress know in the strongest possible terms. There is something else they can do: Pledge to only purchase cars that meet the original standard! I make this pledge today.

If a website were set up to allow people to make these pledges publicly, I think tens of millions would sign up within months. This would have two effects: First, it would tell the anti-environmentalists who have temporary power in Washington that they underestimate the American people. And, secondly, the auto industry would immediately get the message that there are millions out there who do not want them to loosen the old standards. That way, they would know there is a strong market for environmentally friendly automobiles.

I urge all Americans who are thinking of buying a new car to take this pledge immediately, any way you can.

Peter Bridgman