I’m a registered Republican. I consider myself a conservative (at least I used to think so – this was before the tea party and alt-right). Having said that, and after reading your April 1 feature “Soaring premiums send thousands in Maine over a health care cliff,” I keep having this thought: Why is the Republican Party so hell bent on repealing the Affordable Care Act? When did allowing an average person to get hosed by huge insurance companies become a conservative tenet?

Judging by past performance, do you really think that letting the free market set insurance premiums is a good idea? Do you remember life before the ACA? Individuals and small businesses paid the highest premiums. There were no protections for people with pre-existing conditions: “You had breast cancer? Sure, we’ll insure you but you’ll have to sign this exclusion rider. And you’ll pay an unbelievably high premium, too.”

I can see the 1 percent supporting ACA repeal, but if that’s not you, then Republican or Democrat, a little government involvement is a good thing.

Mike O’Neill