I can yell louder than you can! My button is bigger than your button! I have more tanks and missiles than you have! On the school playground, this is when wise teachers step in to prevent a fight.

Who is going to step in to stop the threats and swagger that might start the nightmare of war? Maybe even the catastrophe of nuclear war?

We the people. We who want people, homes, businesses, farms and all the wonders of civilization and nature to be safe from destruction. How much money would the ego-pumping military parade cost? Would we rather have that money spent on education, social services for our elders and disadvantaged people, and rescue of our endangered environment? We vote; and we let those we vote for know that we want mature, thoughtful relations within this country and with the rest of the world.

If we must have chest drumming and fist waving – and it may be in our genes to do that – how about yelling, “We can make peace better than you can”?

What would a national peace parade in Washington look like? President Trump would lead it, followed by children, farm tractors, wheelchair celebrants, heavy construction equipment, babies in strollers, congressmen and congresswomen, homeless people, Wall Street gurus – everyone who wants to come. What a glorious parade that would be!

Nancy Holmes


Andrea Gaylor


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