Four deputies and a police dog from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office saved the life of a suicidal man in Chesterville over the weekend, according to a news release from Sheriff Scott Nichols.

Members of the man’s family located him near the Chesterville Fire Department station around 1 p.m. Friday using a phone app and reported to the sheriff’s office that he was despondent and may be suicidal, according to Nichols.

Deputies David Davol and Andrew Morgan were then able to locate the man’s vehicle. They searched the fire station, did not find anyone inside and called in a canine named Judge, and another deputy, Derrick Doucette, to help with the search.

By following the man’s scent, Doucette, deputy Bradley Scovil and the dog were able to locate him in a field behind the fire department and found him hanging from a rope in the tree line.

They immediately cut him down and determined he was still alive, Nichols said.

“Deputy Morgan drove onto the field and the deputies loaded the man into the rear of the cruiser and transported him to Northstar rescue personnel in the parking lot who revived the man and transported him (to the hopsital),” he said. “The quick actions of all four deputies saved the man’s life.”

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