Watching the recent televised Democratic gubernatorial debate I was struck by the wealth of experience and expertise on display. But I was even more impressed by their commitment to the vision that we Mainers are “in this together,” and that investing in Mainers is the path to a prosperous state.

While watching I found myself imagining a governor who loved Maine.

Each candidate spoke to the critical issues facing us as a state while also acknowledging the fiscal challenges involved.

Electing any of the Republican candidates this year will give us more of that we’ve had for the last seven-plus years: more jobs lost, more MaineCare fights, more hunger, more homelessness, more disabled folks left to fend for themselves, more abused children. More divisive, hate-filled rhetoric that pits one Mainer against another and sees everyone in need as only a liability.

Is this really who we are? If you’ve been fortunate enough to do well in this state and country it is, in part, because you’ve been in this country and not another. The public has paid for the education your employees received, the roads that make commerce possible, the armed forces that maintain the peace, etc. Sure, you’ve worked hard. But lots of people work hard, with fewer personal resources and a lot less luck.

Life isn’t a zero-sum game that makes your win my loss. There’s enough for everyone. The Democratic candidates left little doubt that this is also how they see the world.

Mary Ann Larson

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