Today is Tax Day in Maine and across America.

State and federal tax returns must be postmarked by Tuesday, April 17, thanks to Patriot’s Day (in Maine and Patriots’ Day in Massachusetts) and Emancipation Day (in Washington, D.C.), according to spokesman David Heidrich at the Maine Department of Administrative and Financial Services.

Think tax facts cannot be a good time? Heidrich offered up a wealth of tax filing fun facts, including:

• Maine’s average refund is $617 this season.

• Maine Revenue Services is expecting more than 700,000 individual income tax returns this year, according to Heidrich. As of last Thursday, 517,653 had been filed, 59,175 the old-fashioned way (ink on paper).

• That is a faster pace than the same time last year, when 502,813 people had filed by then.

• The state has so far issued 376,373 refunds.

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