Primary day is less than two months away, and I urge Portland and Westbrook Democrats to vote for state Rep. Heather Sanborn for the District 28 Maine Senate seat.

I have observed Rep. Sanborn’s exceptional leadership as the co-chair of the Maine Healthcare Task Force. This bipartisan group was established by the Legislature last year to explore how Maine might create a system of universal health insurance.

As a dynamic member of the Insurance and Financial Services Committee, Rep. Sanborn is well aware of the importance of health insurance. Health coverage saves lives, improves quality of life and can drive down health care costs by treating problems when they are small. Half of the task force’s membership is drawn from the Legislature, and half is drawn from the public, representing a variety of stakeholders in our convoluted health care system. Some task force members favor a single-payer system like in the United Kingdom or Canada; others favor a private system, such as in Japan; still others figure a blended system would be best in Maine.

It takes a fine legislative leader to guide such a philosophically diverse group toward meaningful answers to the complex problems of our health care system. Heather Sanborn is such a leader.

Her experience as a small-business owner, teacher, lawyer and legislator would enable her to represent us very well. Heather Sanborn is smart, committed and up to the challenge.

Sam Zager, M.D.


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